The Magic of the Apple Watch


I don't consider myself fashion conscious, far from it. Though like most, I occasionally see a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or even a camera (the X100) that would make me dream day & night how my life would be so much better owning that very thing.

Apple is very good at crafting such desire for their product. You could totally see yourself be the subject of envy to the people around you, "Is that the latest Apple thing? That looks so cool. Can I see it?". It happened with the phone, the pad, the air and most definitely with the Watch.


Clouded by the fantasy of owning one before anyone elses made me wonder - is this a reflection of the quality of the product or just the hype.


So, are you getting one?

  1. Fauzan says:

    *ngiler* Di tangan enakan yang sport atau yang biasa, Mas?

  2. Ronald Widha says:

    Yang sport jauh lebih enak karena enteng.