The Apple Store iBeacon experience

Apple Store SOHO

I'm spending a few weeks in New York, so I thought I would check out the new iBeacon roll out in the Apple Stores. I went to the closest store from work which is at SOHO.


Before I went to the store, I installed the Apple Store app on my iPhone 5. During the induction process, the app prompted me to subscribe to in-store notification. From this point on, I had given the permission for (and also subscribe to) Apple's iBeacon push messages.

Ibeacon in the Apple Store App

As I enter the store, I was greeted with the iBeacon notification and provided access to some information like the next Genius or Workshop events. Unfortunately I didn't receive any of the marketing promotions (to upgrade my iPhone) or what not.

It seems that Apple still rely on the EasyPay (scanning using the iPhone camera and then letting me pay using the credit card associated to my Apple account) to handle contactless/self-service payments. No additional iBeacon support here.

  1. Sarah says:

    That sounds pretty underwhelming!! I am sure Apple got more from that transaction, data wise, than you did.

  2. ronaldwidha says:

    You know what. You're absolutely right. I was hoping for alot more personalized info.