Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday: a review

Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

A book written for the "old skool" marketeers, aspires to give that shock factor and aha moments: reminding that marketing isn't all about advertising but also touches upon product design, isoteric promotions and contextual relationships.

Now If you're born alongside blogs, dropbox and gmail, Growth hacking is what most of you probably already do, with now a good "google-able" name for it.

However, this is NOT insignificant as it hopefully open up so much opportunity in the space. Perhaps even a key for the new generation to move into the upper echelon in some of the massive corporations.

The book is still worth a read as one could probably finish it in a single sitting. I didn't realize how short this book was until I actually started reading and noticing that the % complete indicator is going very very fast (I'm not delusional to think I'm that fast of a reader). The book serves as a good departure point in solidifying one's understanding in the current dynamic that exists between the different silos in big companies (products, marketing, ops, customer service, etc.).

The question left untouched is: what would be the new org structure template that allows the growth hacking mindset to foster? Are there any opportunities for digital agencies or any other external parties act as the agent of change?

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