A thought: How would our lives differ when all things are CONNECTED?


from Cisco's Infographics on the Internet of things

Our devices has become an extension of our existence, more so than before. For most, our mobile devices are the first and last ‘item’ we interact with. It captures glimpses of our lives (photos, videos). It captures our web of social interaction (recent calls, calendar appointments, facebook). It even captures our well-being (Nike+, etc.). These devices become a key component in our lives to quietly log, store (aggregate and visualize) both our collective sensorial and non-sensorial experiences.

It makes the experiences that were used to be temporal to be omnipresent.
It makes knowledge that were used to be in silo to be omniscience.

Today, we're at the cross roads of multiple disruptive technologies: connected-ness (IPv6), low cost general purpose computing device (Raspberry Pi), unlimited computing/storage (Utility/’Cloud’ computing, Big Data) and structural integrity for free(3D-printing). These disruptive technologies open up for the possibility of making all things that we interact with as data points.

How would our live differ when this happens?

What type of revelation would we have when our collective knowledge becomes omnipresent and omniscience?

Wouldn't it be cool if every item (both physical and digital) we interact with is a data point that is aggregated, analyzed and visualized?

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