Unable to load Package.appxmanifest on Visual Studio 2011 Beta


So looks like, there's quite a few tidy up on both WinRT and .Net 4.5 side which causes a few hickups for us developers living on the edge. So for the next few posts, I'll probably going to be highlighting some of these


I can no longer open Package.appxmanifest on the VS2011 Beta that I created on the VS2011 Dev Preview.


It seems that the Appx schema contains some breaking changes. One of them is the ’˜ShowName' property inside the ’˜Application' ’˜DefaultTile' element now has multiple value options rather than just boolean (true false)



Replace the value for ’˜ShowName' from ’˜true' to ’˜allLogos'.
Close the file and re-open on VS2011 Beta