On IE9 day#1


As most of you would know, IE9 was released yesterday. I thought I'll give IE9 the benefit of the doubt and use it for a day : inspired by a tweet from @zubairdotnet.

So far so good : don't seem to have much problem. Though the first thing that annoys me is the fact that I can't see the whole Url bar, and the tiny space for the tabs (I have lotsa tabs open most of the time, that's how I roll).

Luckily, when I right click on the toolbars I found this option: ’˜Show tabs on a separate row'.



  1. Ronald Widha » Blog Archive » 3 tips when using IE9 as your main web browser says:

    [...] I started using IE9 as my default browser a month ago and even though I wasn't blown away in any sort of measure : I kinda ‘don't mind’ it. I stick to it ever since on my work computer (and at the same time switched from Chrome to Firefox 4 at home just to see what the fuss is all about). [...]