Teched Middle East session catalog is out

..and I'm in it.  Having said that it's not updated. I'm still listed for the Worfklow Foundation session, whereas I'm really going to be doing Windows Azure. Here's an overview of the two topics : I'm going to be blogging a lot more this year as a part of my TechEd preparation. I'm hoping that you readers can give me feedback, ideas, and improvements on the topic. Let's do this together! Winking smile


Open Data for the Open Web

Track: Developer Tools, Languages, and Frameworks (DEV
Speaker/s: Ronald Widha
Session Type: Breakout Session
Room: Blue Room 1 | Level: 200 : Intermediate

The Web has been and should be open in almost all sense of the word: the web can be openly consumed from various clients and through hyperlinking, the web allows the association of different documents across technological boundaries to emerge. The trend shouldn't stop here. Web based API have and will continue to play a huge role in making sure that the web remains open if not even more. You will learn on how to take part of this movement in your own projects utilizing oData protocol. We will also talk about to why oData offer serious advantages than writing your own custom API specification to share your data.

We will also talk about some of the opportunities that is opened up to us by using it. In this era of Cloud computing (the emergence of strong SaaS player like Facebook and Twitter), software is starting to become of a commodity and data will become more precious : it's important for us developers to understand the shift.

Everything about Windows Azure that you were afraid to ask

Track: Application Server & Infrastructure (ASI202
Secondary Track: Developer Tools, Languages, and Frameworks (DEV
Speaker/s: Ronald Widha
Session Type: Breakout Session
Room: Red Room 1 | Level: 200 - Intermediate

The movement to the Cloud is a big thing. It's going to be a shift that we cannot ignore and avoid. This session will show you what Windows Azure is , the different components that it consist of, how to develop or migrate your current application to it and how to position it in your solution. The talk will cover the topic at the level of solution architecture view and touch on the coding aspect at various occassions. We will also briefly compare other popular products that is available at the market and how Windows Azure fits in to the picture.

  1. Ryan CrawCour says:

    I'm heading to Dubai for TechEd ME too. I'm running the Windows Azure bootcamp as part of the pre-conference and also presenting 3 breakout sessions. Looking forward to meeting up with you and chatting all things Azure ;)

  2. ronaldwidha says:

    Awesome stuff. conveniently enough, I've been following your tweets already :) Let's catch up soon!