What’s eating up my harddrive space?


The thing with Vista and Win7; it seems the free amount of harddrive space left exponentially  depleting as soon as it reaches less than 5% of its overall capacity. Not sure if it's because of superfetch, or some other app that's causing it. But I have this issue more than once now.

Anyways, I need to free up my harddrive and not just by 10s GB. I need serious cleaning up! I've been always using my trusty PC Mag DiskPie2 to check which folder worth the attention. What I don't realize, this pre ntfs disk tool does not recognize >4GB file.


Here comes Windirstat. With data visualization that looks like NDepend, it comes and save the day. Upon loading up I suddenly realize that Calibre produced a 150GB html file while trying to convert a pdf to an epub file so I can read it on the IPad.

Similar app is also available on the Mac OSX: Disk Inventory X

  1. Patrick Smacchia says:

    The funny thing is that NDepend got inspiration from WinDirStat, not the other way around :)

  2. ronaldwidha says:

    Awesome. It's always interesting to hear the background stories about the product we all know and love.