Microsoft MVP’s ‘Mandi’


My fellow Indonesians would probably go ’˜hah??' (read: what??). The word that means ’˜taking a bath' in Bahasa have totally different meaning in the region. Here, Mandi is a traditional Yemen/Arabic dish, made from meat, rice and spices. It's almost like an Arabic Biryani. Thanks to the well prepared folks who had their camera with them. This particular one is courtesy of my fellow geek, Rami.

Pooya covers the basic of what it takes to become an MVP and share a couple plans for TechEd Middle East next March. There is possibility that Hammad and I will be leading open panel session with the one and (not so) only Scott, ’¦..drum roll, Hanselman. I know he's not the gu, but better than nothing right ;).

  1. Hery Hope says:

    you're champ, ron.. good luck with the open panel session.. so when will you be a mvp? you have lots of potential to become one :)

  2. ronaldwidha says:

    you're much too kind sir!