Google Wave gets online/offline status and status update


I just realised today that Google Wave just got an online/offline status. Notice the green dot on my avatar below. Having said that I haven't seen anyone else in my contact have the same dot. It's either they're all offline from Google Wave or this isn't an online/offline status.


Status Update

Also, a new addition is Google Wave's status update ala GTalk, MSN Messenger status and the likes. Will it integrate with GTalk status update? I guess we'll just have to see.


I'm not sure if I like these 2 new additions. It aligns Google Wave too close to other Instant messaging platforms. Something I personally think Google Wave have to stay away from.

What do you think? Is Google Wave just GTalk 2.0?

  1. rampok says:

    small steps, though i still have no idea where it's gonna go.

  2. ronaldwidha says:

    the incremental improvements are so subtle that I think all but the most hardcore users will see significant value on Google Wave over IM/Email.

  3. Fajar says:

    I surely don't hate this. I'd love to know whether I should expect an instant response from my contact if I were to send them a wave.

  4. ronaldwidha says:

    Google Wave support real time (you can even see all the characters trickling in as you type). So yes, assuming the person on the other end is online on Google Wave at that time.