Speculating on Google Wave: is Google really aiming for Http?

I think it just clicked in my head..

Alot of people, especially the end users, think of Wave as just the Google Wave Client and not the potential of the Wave Protocol.

Some people see what they could do extending the experience by connecting and augmenting data from other sources using robot, extension, etc (extending with Wave API).

Others though, have even gone past that even further. It seems that these people are looking into ways to implement their own Wave according to the spec, but different to how Google implemented it. There wont be bots or extension....there'll just be a communication platform that uses a protocol that supports real time interaction on top of  federated servers, with all the conflict resolution and other issues resolved!

taken from https://waveprotocol.org/

Just like Netscape changed how we browse the web from command lines to hyperlinking, I sense that there'll be a leap in how we interact with the web. From semi static to fully immersive experience.

Is Wave protocol could really be the new http? Unfortunately I can't still answer that question with my limited technical knowledge, and I'm challenging you to read the Wave Protocol spec and tell me what it can/can't do (my email is ronaldwidha at gmail dot com or wave me at ronaldwidha at googlewave dot com).

If it really is a possibility, shouldn't we really be looking at creating another web 'browser' that offers collaborative experience? Shopping online together, reading WIKIs together (SIDE WIKI perhaps) and even more.

  1. neofreko says:

    In order to see Wave protocol at its fullest, someone need to port it into Chrome or Firefox as in-browser API and expose it in JS. Til that day comes, I'll sit here scratching my head as I can't digest the protocol with my current brain :D

  2. Fajar says:

    So a challenge huh? very subtle... Anyway, I would love to read the spec after google send me my invite. *refreshes inbox, again*

  3. ronaldwidha says:

    So you're saying instead of ajax over html...it's ajax over xmmp/wave? errr...kinky. but me likey!

  4. ronaldwidha says:

    hahaa..unfortunately I don't have any nomination quota left. But the spec is there for the taking Wave

  5. Fajar says:

    I though xmpp was used only for federation?

  6. Fajar says:

    Its okay, I'm good. I'm having too much workload anyway. Another 'toy' would surely kill my productivity. lol

  7. neofreko says:

    Ajax will still be there for backward compatibility :D. Client-server transport, aside from loading main UI (boot), will be taken care by Wave/XMPP protocol.