Google Wave: Is this it??? Then you haven't tried public search!

Over the weekend, conversation with fellow geeks has been revolving around Google Wave. The first focus has always been its realtime-ness and how it will not kill twitter.

Along the same line Robert Scoble compared it to Twitter and said Google Wave is very noisy.

I told a few friend that Google Wave wants to be : instead of an enterprise message bus : the World's message bus. It probably focuses on replacing email's role in duct taping web's disconnected interaction.

What most Google Wave beta testers can't experience straight away is its collaboration aspect, which apparently its main focus. For one simple reason, not alot of our friends are on it yet (even my wife despite the nomination that I put through straight away after I got the account).

Now to have a taste of it on the full potential (and noisiness of Google Wave) try doing a public search! Yep, that tool bar sitting at the top, which by default says inbox, can be typed in to do other queries for e.g. with: public.

with: public will show all the public Waves and you can dip in to test the water. Prepare to be overwhelmed!

My initial impression is that it's almost reminiscent to ICQ, IRC, with a tinge of Forum and Mailing list to it. Try it out and tell me what you think?