Agregado for Graffiti CMS Theme

I've been working on porting the Agregado theme from wordpress. I'm going to take an iterative approach to it and just upload what I got so far. I'm expecting to lose a couple of ranks on SEO side of things for a couple of reason:

  1. Title on posts are no longer wrapped in H1
    This is how the original Agregado theme implemented it, so I'm going to keep it like this for now until I created a branch specific for askBobo.

  2. My main H1 on the landing page is showing a tag line instead of the site's name

Otherwise, hope you enjoy the new theme. What do you think of it?

  1. says:

    Looks cool, but it's a bit too dark and hard to read stuffs here

    eg. "POSTED on Sunday, April 19 2009", and "(Email address will never be shown)" <- didn't even notice it was there

    I prefer brighter color

    (change the grey background to lighter grey / white = perfect)

  2. says:

    @Aerowalk fair comment rald. have to heighten the contrast yah?