Yes I can/will/already have trust cloud computing

Rama Mamuaya raised a question of can we really trust cloud computing. He poses 2 main issues; maintaining the lifespan and ensuring the security of shared information in the cloud.

Harddrives malfunction, computer break, employees move on. We're *really* still facing the same challenges;

how do one ensure information's perpetual/temporal existence?

Redundancy had always been the key to ensure information existence, and I don't think it'll change in the cloud computing era.

The cloud computing redefines alot of things, the way we interact, manage and *by the end of the day* the way we claim ownership of information that we produce. It's a tricky problem indeed, and we rely on 'the system' to sort this out for us. The legal system all around the world is still trying to play catch up with the leap that we've made on technology and its impact.

I hate to be pessimistic about such positive things. Cloud computing allows us to interconnect and collaborate like we've never collaborate before. For god sake, stop emailing Microsoft Word files around and start sharing, and collaborate. With the advances of modern licensing system (GPL, CC, etc) and the increasing industry awareness on privacy and personal security, I think we have a nice future ahead of us.

When things do go awry, at least now we have the power of spreading information faster than we ever before to complain about a cloud computing vendor's unweilding behavior.

  1. says:

    Hi ronald, thx for following me on Twitter.

    I wrote that post to express my concern about how *several* cloud provider such as Magnolia & Google Docs neglected their security, and in result the system got compromised, putting user *sensitive* data at stake.

    Im a huge fan of cloud computing (i use them extensively) but i feel obliged to pose this question as to know how people react to it. And you're response is a good one :)

    looking forward for more great post :)

  2. ronaldwidha says:

    Hi rama, no need for thanking me for that. I'll be leeching on your stream of knowledge through Twitter.

    I've got generally the same issue with website authentication system these days. You never know when these system doesn't encrypt the password in the backend or not. Suddenly when I press forgot password and they can send me my password in clear text.

    This is a big issue since alot of people are using the same password for different systems.

    I guess that puts a huge emphasis on reading disclaimer and service level agreement. Something that we as an end user always NOT do :)