Common Resharper Shortcuts

I'm a big fan of Resharper; refactoring tool for Visual Studio. Here is my favorite shortcuts.

Please note:

  • I'm using Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts.
  • the ones italicized is my own mapping and isn't provided with resharper.
Rename Ctrl R , R
Extract Interface Ctrl R + Ctrl I
Extract Method Ctrl R + Ctrl M
Change Signature Ctrl R + Ctrl S
Introduce Var Ctrl R + Ctrl V
Find Usages Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F12
Surrounds With Ctrl K + Ctrl S
GoToMember Alt + \
GoToFile Ctrl + Shift + T
GoTo Last Edit Ctrl + Alt + Backspace
GoTo Declaration Ctrl + B
GoTo Base Alt + Home
GoTo Inheritor Alt + End
SolutionExplorer Ctrl + Alt + L
Reformat Ctrl + E, F
Format Markup Tags Ctrl K + Ctrl D
Unit Test Context Run Ctrl + Shift + D
Build Selection Ctrl + Shift + X
Parameter Info Ctrl + Shift + Space
Stack explorer Ctrl + E, T
ToDo explorer Ctrl + Alt + D
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