Forcing firmware upgrade on Nokia N80

I've got a Nokia N80 (Internet Edition) phone for a while now. The battery was terrible. Recently, my girlfriend just bought me a new battery, and now it feels like I have a new phone. So I came across to some forum that says a new firmware N80; 5.0719.0.2 was launched mid 2007. And when I press *#0000# on my phone, I got:

v 4.0632.0.38
Nokia N80 (530.01)

My phone is way outdated.

What does the upgrade contains?

There are no new apparent changes. Apparently it contains alot of bugfixes (including the annoying out of memory when browsing!!!). However, I notice that if I use the internet browser, go out by pressing the red button, and go back in again, the browser stills remember what i open last and continue my session! I think this came with the update.

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Can't upgrade? Nokia Software Update says no upgrade available? Not a problem!

I've installed Nokia Software Updater and it says no upgrade available. What the?? SO I did some research, and I'm going to share here is how to force an upgrade :

  1. Remove all program about Nokia (Nemesis Service Suite, Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Software Update, PC Connectivity Solution, Cable Drivers, Nokia Modem Drivers, etc.). Restart your computer. I'd suggest simply use another computer that doesn't have any Nokia software in it.
  2. Install older version of Nokia PC Suite, if it ask a new version available on internet during or after installation, do not update Nokia PC Suite from internet before re-branding your phone. (And don’t re-install Nokia Software Update). You can easily find an older version of Nokia PC Suite with Google search. Or use Nokia Software CD came with your mobile phone. Or try this link:

    (thanks to wilderk for these two important steps )

  3. Follow the steps in Originally the steps are for upgrading from a regular N80 to N80 IE. But it works a charm if you really just want to upgrade to the latest firmware (and for some reason, your phone simply refuse to upgrade like mine).

    Basically the steps are as follow (plus comments according to my experience)

    1. install Nemesis Service Suite.
      (NSS103814.exe, 6,514,081 bytes)
      official url is here:
      But I got it from here:
    2. Change Product Code on Phone
      I'm using 0540864 AUSTRALIA Smooth Stainless Internet Edition.
      I tried using another code and it didn't work for me
    3. Backup
      I'm using the Nokia Content Copier that came with the Nokia PC Suite
    4. Install the latest Nokia Software Updater
    5. Update Firmware

If you press *#0000# again, you'd probably get:

v 5.0719.0.2
Nokia N80(20)



* All your phone specific settings seems to get blown away by the firmware upgrade. So use the backup file to restore all your settings back.

* all the applications installed seems to not work even after I restored my backup. Applications like Nokia Conversations, Shozu, Google Map, simply dissapears. While GMail and Twibble is still showing its icon, but no longer works.
So be prepared to reinstall all ur apps.

  1. says:

    after i change the code , i try to reinstall the firmware but it say the firmware is the latest . anyone help me how can i reinstall the same version firmware????

  2. says:

    @C have you done the first two steps above? uninstall all nokia software on ur pc, and reinstall the old nokia software?

  3. says:

    wen i change the code, i try to rein stall the firmware but it displays no update is available. and my current update is still the same 4.0707.0.7

    how to up to 5.0719.0.2

    please help me...

  4. says:


    uninstall all nokia software on ur pc, and reinstall the old nokia software that came with the phone.

  5. says:

    although i uninstall all nokia software... i stil having the same problem. i dnt know wat to do now...i dont have the old nokia software that came with the phone. but i tried downloading frm the url above.

  6. says:

    after i downloading the NSU... shall i install for N80 or N80 internet edition... any idea?

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