Installing Graffiti CMS at DiscountASP.NET

I'm using a shared hosting environment from DiscountASP.Net for this blog, and it has worked great. I was adding another instance of Graffiti CMS to this server, and I couldn't get the File Selector to work. So I thought I will share some tips on how to install Graffiti CMS on a shared hosting environment, speciffically DiscountASP.Net

Telligent have done a great job in writing Graffiti CMS. The installation process are normally very straight forward

  1. Download the latest copy from Graffiti CMS
  2. Get the \Web folder inside the zip and upload that onto your server via ftp
    1. use a reliable ftp client like SmartFtp
    2. I prefer to put all my applications to its own sub directory. So there's nothing in the root.
      This way I can share my shared web space (-:
    3. DiscountASP.Net gotcha: the username and password for ftp access is different to your control panel account. So login to your control panel, and double check. It normally starts with some numbers like this '12345|username'
  3. Set the new folder (\WEB or whatever you have renamed it) to be a web application on IIS.
    DiscountASP.Net users: use the 'Web Application Tool' to select the folder and click on 'Install Application'
  4. Point your domain name to the subfolder that you just uploaded.
    Scott Bussinger have a blog post on this with the same title: Installing Graffiti CMS at DiscountASP.Net
  5. Now you have a working Graffiti CMS instance.
  6. The common gotcha is: remember to create these folders manually using your favourite FTP client.

    This is to enable the 'file selector'. I had an issue in getting it working before I did this and my first suspicion was whether the 'anonymous' user have permission to the \Web\Files\ folder. However, DiscountASP.Net (IIS7/08) by default have read and write permission to the 'anonymous' user account.

This has been tested with:

  • GraffitiCMS 1.1
  • IIS7/Windows Server 2008 from Discount ASP.Net
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