In Dubai


After 4 weeks extended holiday and plenty of stressing, I have just officially started working for Infusion Development in Dubai.

It is HOT in here!! The temperature is constantly around 40+ and very humid! But it's a fantastic city regardless. I'm just still trying to get into the groove of reading/writing blogging, coding and listening to podcast again. So hopefully I'd get my momentum back again soon.

  1. says:

    Constant 40+ days? Ouch!

    I hope they have good air conditioning there :D

  2. ronaldwidha says:

    Thanks goodness they do!

  3. ronaldwidha says:

    Just checked out your!

    You finally use it for something. hehe

  4. says:

    It looks the same (externally) as it always has. I'm just playing around with stuff in the background.

    If i can get LINQ to Entities working i'll put my blog up soon :P