Citcon ANZ 2008 in Melbourne

On the weekend, Citcon (Continuous Integration and Testing Conference) ANZ 2008 was held in Jasper Hotel, Melbourne, Australia. This is an annual event, and best of all, free! I would go again next year in a heartbeat if I had the chance to.

Open Spaces is awesome!

This was my first experience going to the conference as well as experiencing the Open Spaces format. One of the participant in the closing remark made a comment that the format feels like a 'real life WIKI', which I can't agree more. It was indeed self organising event.

Citcon 2008 Melbourne photos at Mark Derricutt

Jeffrey Fredrick (Contributor on Cruise Control, Co-organiser of Citcon) described the open format as; making the hallway discussions after a conference as the center stage. I think the format is awesome!

Where are all the .Net developers?

I was surrounded by Java, Ruby on Rails people. Out of the 150+ participants, there are probably only 4 .Net guys (2 of which is working part time on Ruby). Hopefully this tells nothing about the .Net scene but the lack of communications between Java, Ruby developers and us.

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